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Hello! My name is Barbs and I am an Artist and Illustrator from Ghana, West Africa that lives in London, United Kingdom.  My art style is manga. I grew up watching lots of cartoons, anime and reading manga which has helped me with my style of work. My favourite animes are Demon Slayer, Hunter x Hunter, One Piece and Kill la Kill. :)

I gather much of my inspiration from personal experiences, my African culture and my love for technology. 
I create primarily for myself but now I have been fortunate for my work to be seen and well received by clients; a fact I don’t take lightly. I am currently in the middle of writing my own novel called "Class of 2077" following 5 teens who enter into a prestigous academy but soon discover a dark sinister secret about their school. 

Thank you for visiting and I hope you join me on my artistic journey! 

- Barbs


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